Croatia (and other countries) - 25-May to 08-Jun, 2014
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On the Plitvice Electric Boat
Dancing in the Streets in Split
Looking down on Menton
Desenzano del Garda ...
... in the rain.
Pansion Breza
Ecologically correct boats
First waterfalls in the Plitvice National Park
Old geezer, grinning
More waterfalls
Ecologically correct walkways
Staircase of waterfalls
Same bloke, still grinning
Same falls, different view ...
... and again
Taller falls
Taller still
Same falls, different view
Still more spectacular falls
This time with lake (in case you're bored with falls)
Changing vegetation
Back to the lower lakes ...
... via a vertical pothole
Lose 100 metres height in 150 metres walking
Here be dragons
Mini-falls, but quite pretty
Lots of fish - brown trout?
Big wet falls ...
... down below the bottom lake
Under Diocletian's palace
Roman junk
Pool in Pula
Spiazzi di Caprino
More grinning
St Trop Bay coastal path
Gabriel's motorcycle
Esteban and Gabriel's construction work
Gabriel discovers a salty rose
From Cap Cartaya
Ready for school
From above the Col de Gratteloup
Jabron-Castellane road
Above Allos
Col d'Allos
On the Route Napoleon
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